Luxury RV Resorts - What to Expect from Your Stay

Getting an RV isn’t a decision one takes lightly. It is a serious investment that can cost somewhere between several hundred to several thousand dollars. These RVs, in many ways, represent a lifestyle of adventure that the travelers choose to escape their traditional mundane lives. As such, being on the road will eventually lead the traveler to take breaks in RV campgrounds or parks. If the traveler doesn’t mind spending more cash, they may even partake in the luxury afforded to them by RV resorts.

High-End RV parks are quite popular these days among people consumed by wanderlust. The ultra-luxurious amenities that these parks offer have encouraged even cynics to set travel goals. In this article, we will be taking a glimpse into the world of Luxury RV parks to understand exactly what one can expect from their stay here.

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What are Luxury RV Resorts?

Although similar, there are a few clear distinctions between Texas luxury RV resorts and their traditional counterparts. Luxury RV resorts are high-end RV parks that offer modern amenities like electricity, water supply, a spa, recreational activities and much more to elevate one’s travel experience. Most luxury RV parks use the term ‘Resorts’ to describe themselves in a bid to convey the quality and modern amenities RVers can expect from them.

Some RV resorts will only allow certain types of RV vehicles inside their lot. So, if you come across an RV park that only caters to class ‘A’ motorhomes and motorcoaches then, you’ve found an elite luxury resort.

What to Expect When Staying at Texas Luxury RV Resorts

The most obvious thing you can expect is that it is going to cost you significantly. However, paying more shouldn’t bother you if the luxury resort provides you with the stay experience that makes the price worth it. RV resorts will usually have pads that are spacious and can accommodate some of the biggest RV’s on the road. The space will be enough to ensure each and every RV in the vicinity has privacy.

They are guaranteed to have full utility hookups and tons of other unique amenities such as outdoor kitchens, showers, bathhouses, hot tubs, patio areas, and more. One can also notice some aesthetic differences between these parks and traditional backyard RV parks. E.g. Compared to the gravel sites usually associated with cheaper RV campgrounds, you will find plenty of grass and flat ground.

What to Expect from Amenities at Luxury RV Parks

It wouldn’t be fair to call any RV park a ‘Resort’ if they didn’t offer high-end amenities. You can expect to find typical things like a swimming pool, movie theater room, and game room among many other things in these parks. Some RV resorts up their game by offering private golf courses, on-site entertainment, and staff that will clean up your vehicles while you enjoy the sights and amenities these parks provide.

The amenities you get will differ from one RV park to another. Its location in the country and its infrastructure will also determine the amenities it can offer. It is also imperative to note that not every RV Park calling itself a luxury resort will harbor the amenities you seek. You will be well-advised to look for RV parks that provide only the luxuries you want.

How much will An RV Resort Cost?

We’ve already mentioned how Texas Luxury RV resorts tend to cost more than traditional RV parks, which is expected considering the amenities one can enjoy. RV resorts will normally allow you to rent spaces at a reasonable daily rate of $50 to $500. It is in your best interest to check the price of an RV park online first to affirm whether you can afford it. Despite the high price paid, staying longer in such RV resorts can often save money.

The seasons in which you choose to travel will also determine how much an RV resort will cost you. In hindsight, the summer and winter months are said to be the most expensive. Consider this the next time you are planning a long trip to one of your favorite locations in the country.

The Bottom Line

If you have the cash to spare, and the RV vehicle to boast, then staying in a luxury RV resort can prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While most RVers prefer exploring the world in their recreational vehicle, some dream of hitting the road with the intent of parking in a luxury RV resort near their locality.

Whatever the reason, staying at a Texas luxury RV park should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Even if you are skeptical of such areas, it is one experience that you will be glad of trying before finally kicking the bucket.